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Lazer Face Sunglasses – Black/Grey Stars and Stripes


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Trying to look like a full blown American savage while doing donuts in your freedom machine? These Lazer Face Heatwave Visual sunglasses will give you the perfect look!

Stars & Stripes SOCOM Custom sunglasses: Back to back world war champs, home of brave and land of the free. The best of the best, hands down. The SOCOM Custom sunglasses feature black and grey tonal American Flag print on both arms, attached to our matte black frames for a perfect match.

The Lazer Face: The absolute leading edge in Heat Wave’s Highly Visualâ„¢ technology. The supreme piece of eyewear for those who seek to build their own future. Utilizing a single cut lens structurally supported by a durable composite sub-frame, the Lazer Face melds state-of-the-art eyewear technology with the futuristic visions of our youth.

Custom stainless steel hardware firmly secures 2.0 mm thick z87 rated shatter-resistant lens to the sturdy polycarbonate subframe. Each Lazer Face lens offers complete UVA/UVB 400 protection – paired with its increased wrap around field of vision, the Lazer Face gives you unparalleled clarity and protection from the elements and more.

-Includes Microfiber bag
-Matte Black frames & Socom print arms with black metal inlay logos
-No tools or hardware required for customization


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